Grade 8 Also Impress

DSC_0958The grade 8 students also taught their first class today. Their theme was Impressionism. They had to prepare a research which was visually interesting and suitable for teaching the local children about Impressionism. They chose to present with posters, brochures, movies, ibooks or Prezzis. I particularly enjoyed seeing the variety of the tasks chosen by the students and hearing them explain what Impressionism is.

Once the introductions and research sharing was over it was time to practise observing the brushstrokes carefully but instead of paint we used oil pastels and water colours. The grade 8 classes are a little more structured than the grade 6 ones.


Over the next three classes the students will be working on their own canvas but in a group of four. The students had to decide whether to turn a photo of a landscape into an Impressionist painting or to copy an existing painting. One group wants to copy while the others want to create their own.

impressionAt the end of the task they will join the canvases to make four big paintings to hang here at LCS and in the local school. I am looking forward to seeing the end product. They ONLY have 3 lessons so quick loose Impressionist brushstrokes minus the details will be necessary to succeed. Stay tuned!

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  1. today was a very interesting day. it was fun trying to be the teacher for once. both me and my “student” were a little shy in the begining, but as we went along that changed. i’m looking forward to next class where we will keep teaching them about the impressionism.

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