DSCN9849Last year we introduced a new initiative which had 6 lucky students selected per grade level (6-10) for art cards. These cards were used around the school and sold in the school shop. They are really stunning and very good quality. Towards the end of last year I selected more art for cards. They have finally made it to Africa so they were presented to the students last week.

I’d like to congratulate the following students:

Grade 7: Amanda D, Ashley C, Astha S, Tanal T, Julie C, Justin V

Grade 8: Adaira R, Feyrouz K, Inigo Y, Kim T, Stephanie D,Tae In G,Valeria C

Grade 9: Alessandra M, Francesca S, Jade R, Jana K, Kenza H, Kshitij N, Marco C, Naeema H, Noy K, Or F, Savannah I, Seo Jin P, Thibault M

Grade 10/11: Alhassan A, Cecilia F, Che Hoon J, Edward A, Hee Rim L, Sabreena R

The next group of talented students will be chosen just before the end of the semester so stay tuned!


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