Ipads in Grade 6

Since the grade 6 students have successfully completed their portraits I thought I’d let the students play with Image Chef. This is a really fun app which puts photos into a variety of settings such as on frames in tv’s and on book covers.

Photo Oct 11, 10 37 01 AM

The students can take thier own photos or take photos of their artwork. This app has so much potential and more importantly is instant and a lot of fun. These images could certainly generate some great conversations about advertising and art in the media.

Photo 10-11-13, 10 25 25 AM

Once the images were saved the students learnt how to upload them into a shared Dropbox folder which made it very easy to view on the projector and to access for other projects. It in my goal to introduce a new app during each class for the next 30 days. Then the students should have a wide range to choose from. The may also be inspired to use them at home on their own devices.

Photo Oct 11, 3 26 03 AMI am currently researching awesome apps for the art room so stay tuned for regular updates and discoveries. I expect to be continually learning alongside my students as I am fully aware technology is a never ending journey of discovery, learning and FUN!

Photo Oct 11, 10 32 09 AM (HDR)

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