Fun Times In Art Club

DSCN9813We have been working very hard on a project for the GISS conference in February. These students have enthusiastically taken on this “upcycling” project which turns our ordinary water bottles into beautiful Chihuly inspired chandeliers. The plan is to create a lot of these to hang from the trees around LCS.

It certainly is a win win task as a lot of fun has been had whilst being a great environmental awareness project. The students certainly have had some interesting discussions about the environment. They want to know, “What will happen if people keep throwing their trash in the streets, water becomes worse and the air unbreathable? Would we still be living on this planet then?” Thoughtful times in the art room!


This is what we have created so far. The students had to figure out how to attach the bottles. They brainstormed three ideas and this one was the favourite because it didn’t hurt the hands as much. Well done I can’t wait to see more. Especially, now that you know how to do it. I wonder what the GISS students and staff will think?


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