Impressionist Painting Grade 8

The grade 8 students are learning about Impressionism. These images are actually their first pieces of developmental work but they looked so gorgeous I decided we could frame and display them as an inspiring piece of art.

Their first task was to copy an Impressionist painting using chalks. It was very important to pay attention to the direction and size of the brushstrokes. Impressionism is now a very popular art movement often hung on people’s walls.  The artists were some of the first to go outside to paint instead of being in a studio. Capturing the light and incorporating complimentary colours for shadows were a couple of their major goals. For more information about Impressionism have a look at Artyfactory:

The second piece the students were required to create was an oil pastel and water colour Impressionist style drawing whilst using a landscape photo for a reference.

DSCN9755Now they are going to have fun painting their Impressionist piece onto a canvas board. Other than planning the foreground, middleground and background the students will have to let go of details. They will have to loosen up, play with colour, experiment with broken brushstrokes. A good way to achieve the required “impression” of a photo is to half close your eyes this will remove all detail. Then experiment with layering bold brushstrokes. For some inspirational videos have a look at:

Painting an Impressionist Landscape part 1.:

David Dunlop paints water lillies:


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