Art Club Update


The art club meets on Thursdays from 3.15-4.45pm. Currently I have 15 students from grade 6-11 attending. The first project was an overlapping circle design which incorporated beautiful patterns and colour blending. It was inspired from an image I saw on Pinterest. The students chose their own media. Some used coloured pencils while others painted it with watercolours. They really do look stunning, I could not be happier with their results.

I would definitely do this project again as it is very relaxing.

Now we are painting plastic bottles, removing the bottoms and cutting them into spirals and flowers. These will be tied together with wire to create a stunning Dale Chihuly inspired chandelier. I have wanted to create one of these for years. It was inspired from this image off of Pinterest.

PinterestIf everything goes well then we plan to make quite a few of them to hang from the trees all around the school for the GISS conference. I can’t wait to see how the first one goes. What a brilliant “upcycling” project. Being here in Africa is really making me want to use more trash/found objects in the classroom and in my own art!

What other ideas do you have for recycle art?

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