A Staff Trip To Kokrobitey

This weekend I took some of the staff to Kokrobitey for an arty weekend. 16 people joined up and 12 stayed over night. We began by sitting by the water and introducing ourselves to the staff. Then it was time for the first workshop either Batiking or frottage and printing, we regrouped over lunch and discussed our workshops whilst enjoying the delicious vegetarian pizza and sea breeze.

DSC_0405Workshop two was printing or paint your own product. Most people chose printing. I think this was one of the most popular workshops. Around 3pm a small group went for a long walk to see some monkeys and the wet lands. That trip also included a canoe ride. We then caught up and had cheese and crackers before dinner. The entertainment was incredible. We were all absolutely speechless by the deep husky sounds of the Japanese duet who were singing in Ga and Japanese.

DSC_0437In the morning we were welcomed by a pancake breakfast and then continued to our fist workshop of figure drawing in charcoal. This was popular because it was more about learning to see than creating a perfect figure. The staff were also introduced to the recycled bag project and educational materials and programs that the staff at the Institute are initiating.  By the afternoon most people were happy to read a book and relax by the ocean while others printed again. It was an absolutely fabulous trip. I am so glad we have been able to connect with Renee and the Institute.


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