The G7 Cans Are Complete

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  1. Here is my reflection for my crushed can.

    We had an assignment to draw a crushed can by using our techniques of shading and drawing. This was our second assessment after we did our light bulb. Drawing the crushed can was fun especially when we got messy. I think I did well in some areas of my crushed can but I still have to work on other skills for my art work. For my crushed can, I think I did moderately okay, not so well like the best ones but it wasn’t that bad either. It was my first time using a chalk and mixing all those different colors was quite new for me. I tried to make an outline for my crushed can but I had some difficulties and I had to do it again.
    I learned how to smudge chalk for the first time, which is something I have never done before. The shading part came went well but I think that I could have improved in the shape of my can, it kind of came slanting and I had to put black chalk over it and start again like nothing happened. The top of my can was the most difficult, I had to measure it carefully and I had to do it 3 times. Miss. Jardin also advised that we start with the top first and I did do that, and that made drawing the rest of drawing the can a lot easier. I think the best part of my can was the pepsi icon, which I decorated, it really stood out well. I also like the way how I did the light part of my can and the dark part of my can.
    The shading blended in with my other colors. Though, next time I think that we should do more activities with chalk so many students can improve. Overall, it was okay. I need to improve on my look and draw skills. For the final touch, I added a Pepsi icon which smudged with my drawing.

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