Chale Wote Street ART Festival

This morning I took a group of staff to the Chale Wote Street Art festival. It is a two day event filled with art, dance, music, theater plus so much more. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too early because they were still setting up. It was however just starting liven up when it was time for us to leave at 1.00pm. It runs until 10pm tonight and starts again tomorrow morning.

If you haven’t been to this event before I would strongly recommend it. Tomorrow would be brilliant because all the paintings they began today would be complete so the street would be a sea of colour. They have added some stalls too to buy arts and crafts which gives it even more interest. I hope you get to see this wonderful annual event.

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This is the explanation on Accraexpat:

CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival (two days)

Date:                     Saturday, September 07, 2013
To:                        Sunday, September 08, 2013
Time:                     10:00 AM
To:                        10:00 PM
Venue:                   Jamestown
Address:                 Jamestown, Accra
Organiser:              Accra dot alt

The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is the collective effort of many young people—ranging from artists, musicians and writers to designers, students and activists—who will work together to produce Accra’s third annual street art festival.

This festival will take place in the working-class Ga community of Jamestown and will include street painting and stencil work, sidewalk painting and chalk art, graffiti murals, large photography displays, live music performances, spoken word and dramatic storytelling, cultural dance and drumming, youth art workshops and much more. We are expecting more than 2,000 patrons to attend the festival. Our target audience includes art lovers, students, artists and musicians, tourists, Jamestown residents, and everyday people throughout the greater Accra region.

The purpose of the festival is to promote the exhibition of alternative art in Ghana and to nurture an appreciation for different kinds of art among Ghanaians.

CHALE WOTE means “Man, let’s go!” or is a reference to slippers worn on the feet. Each of us comes from different walks of life but we all have something valuable to contribute. This festival is completely “Do-It-Yourself” with the talented energies of many people needed to make it happen. We are encouraged by this collectivity and use CHALE WOTE as a way to mobilize an excitement for public, alternative art, especially among young Ghanaians. In the spirit of camaraderie, creativity and fun, CHALE WOTE is an accessible term used by Ghanaians regardless of language.

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