100 Faces In Grade 6

During Grade 6 art we have been working on the 100 portrait challenge where each student is trying to create as many high quality portraits as they can. We begin the first 5-10 mins of every class trying new portrait drawing skills in a variety of media.

Today I decided to get the students to empty all their portraits and see how many tables we can cover. So we have covered 41/2 tables which is brilliant. Then the students chose their favourite portraits and discussed why they liked them so much. There will be a prize for the most quality portraits at the end of this unit. It certainly was exciting seeing all the tables get covered.

We then worked towards finishing our first major piece which I am calling “Portrait Practise”. The students had to overlap as many faces as they could whilst still following the rules of portraiture. Where they overlapped the students created patterns and filled with colour. They chose a 3-4 colour scheme and had to consider the movement and balance of the colours. We now have a practise piece which is worthy of a frame! 🙂

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