Here Are Some More From 9/10G

I love the colourful backgrounds which were completely student choice. They are being assessed on their use of media, tone, composition, scale and drawing skills. I could not be happier with their work especially since this was only a two lesson project. Now they will be setting up a digital portfolio where they will reflect on the process. As this was a practise task I am very curious what skills will transfer to their major piece.

The major task which they are starting today was inspired from this artwork from Pinterest:

still lifeI love the use of text, line and tone so… students will be bringing in 3 personal objects from home and choosing two from the class room. We will be focusing on drawing skills, composition, tone, line variation and colour balance. The students will have to choose a 2/3 : 1/3 ratio of black and white : colour. Appropriate media will be selected so that the images stand out on the newspaper. I wonder what objects will be brought into class?

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