Grade 8 Perspective Progress

The grade 8 students have been learning how to draw one point and two point perspective. After a variety of exercises in their DWBs they were then ready to choose the theme of their final piece. Because there are so many different ways a student can apply perspective I thought I’d give them a choice of four options:

1. Unusual floating shapes

2. Unusual floating shapes with a creature

3. A detailed city with or without a creature

4. Inside an art gallery.

It was very interesting to see the split. No one wanted to do inside a gallery most wanted a city or floating shapes with a creature. The only condition was that they had to use photo resources for their creature if possible so that their drawings would be the highest possible level for their abilities. These images are showing you some of their developmental work. You can see that the ideas and abilities are quite diverse.

The “creature” idea was inspired by this piece found on Pinterest:

perspectiveIf you’d like to see other AWESOME perspective ideas or would like to watch some tutorials about perspective please look at my Pinterest board:

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