100 Faces Challenge For Grade 6

Hi grade 6,

This is just a note to explain those folders you created in class called 100 faces. Our goal over the next 7 weeks is to create as many faces as possible using many techniques, materials and styles.

This is a project you will develop in class and at home. Number each drawing 1/ ,2/ , 3/ etc so that we can see how many you have made.

You will draw from life, photos and from your imagination. Sometimes the drawings will be 30seconds and other times 10mins to 60mins. Try to approach this as many ways as possible.

8f099b507c007cf50a02e7971f6c6fafDuring the first 10mins of every class we will create a fun portrait in pens, ink, charcoal, chalk, blind, contour, from magazines, and with erasers. Some of these techniques you will be able to try at home. At the end of the week we will see who has the most portraits.

You can create as many portraits as you like. Maybe one a night or two a week it is entirely up to you but it has to be A5 size (1/2 a sketchbook page on loose paper). You can use lined paper, wrapping paper, newspaper, paper towels etc If you can draw on it then it can go into your folder.

I will set one a week for homework.


Is to create as many as you can

To become comfortable with art materials

To improve your drawing and observation skills

To have fun and be creative

To be able to teach what you have learnt

To become more aware of portraits in a fun and easy way.

At the end of the 7 weeks we will have a PORTRAIT PARTY with a local school where you will teach them how to draw portraits and play with art materials. Snacks and drinks will be provided.


This weeks homework:  Draw yourself from a photo or mirror.


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