Strange Things Are Happening in Grade 8A

The Grade 8 semester class have been learning about Surrealism.

To help them generate creative ideas they began with a variety of games such as: automatic writing, doodling on steroids, Mr Squiggle (one student scribbles and the other turns it into an image), Mix and Match numbers game using random input (write the numbers 1-20 then put a random word next to each, a student will call a number out, they will have to draw what they listed and make it interact with the next number) this was completed with a Surreal collage.

They also learnt about changing the scale, texture, size or environment of an object to make it creative. Now, they are working on their own surreal paintings after brainstorming a setting and a random object.

They then had to create thumbnails incorporating the techniques listed above. it certainly has been a lot of fun. I do almost wish we were creating paintings of their collage as I think this would be easier for them. But time will tell. Stay tuned to see their amazing results.

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