Welcome Grade 6 Group 3

My grade 6 class has just joined me in the art room. They are currently learning how to draw faces. They began the unit by learning the “rules” of portraiture. Then they had to show me their understanding of the rules by creating a 1/2 real face (following the rules) and 1/2 creative face (alien/monster/robot). These images were cut out and turned into sketchbook covers. I was very impressed by their creativity and some students coloured in particularly neatly.

This task was followed by another fun one where they had to draw another face following the rules but the person had to have “crazy hair”.  The students could be as creative as they wished and use whatever materials they liked. Now they are currently looking at photos of faces in magazines and checking the rules against them. It is very important for them to be able to see where the rules have been “broken”. During the next class they will be learning about Chuck Close.

What a great start grade 6 I am so glad you have joined me for the next 10 weeks.

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