Batiking with Esther

I have been running a club called “Art for the Soul” for the staff after school on Wednesdays.

During this class the staff have been making plaster birds and textured canvas paintings. Two weeks ago I organized a trip to Esther’s place to learn how to batik and invited the group.

It was a fabulous day out so I thought I’d share the process with you. She had a wall of foam stamps the hardest part was actually choosing the designs. You dipped the sponge into the hot wax and then soaked the fabric into the dye. Once the dye was dry you were ready for round two and three. You then stamped more hot wax onto the coloured fabric and dyed it again. It was definitely hard to visualize the process and the final product. But they all looked amazing in the end. It was a brilliant day out which we will certainly do again. It will be easier now that we know the process.

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