Chalk Animals in Grade 7

The grade 7 students have been applying their knowledge of tone, texture and pattern to these chalk animal drawings. They began the unit by trying a blind drawing (where they could only look at the image and not the paper) followed by a “cheating” blind drawing (where they could peak). After that we tried drawing the animals without taking our pencil off of the paper (continuous line), then we captured the tones with charcoal on newspaper. The last fun exercise was to create a pen scribble drawing of their animals.

Now, they are ready to practice with chalks and begin drawing up their final piece. We discussed composition, angle, and colour choices. They are honestly making incredible progress. I am pretty certain I will have a couple of grade 7 “Artists of the Week” next week. I wonder who they will be?

Only 4 more classes and then the groups change again for the trimester.

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