International Friendships ART Competition


This is just a reminder about our art competition open to the LCS community. (Yes that includes parents, gardeners, administration, teachers and TAs) You have two weeks to think of an idea. For some people I know this is difficult so I thought I’d give you some ideas. A push in the right direction 😉

Before we begin brainstorming don’t forget the entry can be A4 (small)/ A3(medium)/ A2(large) and it can me in any media. (photography, digital art, paint, charcoal, pencil, collage we are even accepting sculptures) Remember it is all about a community effort. the key is PARTICIPATION.


Ask yourself what are some symbols or images of friendship? How do you write the word friendship in different languages? What do you do with your friends? Is there an easy way to show this? How do we communicate with our friends? Why are friends important to us?

Remember you can use words or/and images.

Now ask yourself how can I show that my friends come from different countries? How do we benefit from knowing people in different countries? Are there symbols we can use? Like flags, peace signs…. How can we show “international” visually?

PLEASE don’t copy images directly from the internet but you can use them for ideas and inspiration. You can hand in your entry to me or reception anytime before the 15th Nov.

The exhibit will the on display at LCS on the 17th Nov.

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