Grade 8 Stencils

Since learning about Georgia O’Keeffe the grade 8 students have moved onto stenciling their hero. Originally this project was going to be a lino print but we did not have the materials so I improvised by turning the project into a stencil one. This unit has had some very valid skills from learning to draw portraits using the grid method, simplifying a design and incorporating bridges.  They were also exposed to a variety of methods using stencils for spray art, screen printing to metal foil t-shirt design- thanks to You Tube. I was really hoping to get a local artist in as well but that did not happen this time. Maybe the next group. They are now cutting their design into book covering plastic. We have photocopied the design so we can fall back on a paper stencil if needed.

A collage background relating to their hero will be used to support their prints. Hopefully this turns out OK. Their pieces have to be finished next week so time is very tight. Stay tuned….lets see what my creative students will create.

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