Developmental Work 8 and 9

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This is a rare view behind the scenes in an art room. To create an amazing piece of art work the students have to develop their ideas. They usually begin with research because an understanding of media/art movements and techniques are required before they can create anything worthwhile. Then they develop their ideas and practise the required skills. All thoughts and discoveries were documented. Their books should be treated like a diary of discovery. Anyone should be able to flip through their books and see where self-discovery and idea generation has happened.

My grade 8 students are currently creating Surreal rooms while employing one-point perspective and experimenting with mixed media. These photos are showing their original plans which will still be pushed to the next level for their final through the use of tone and other high level techniques. They have just finished working out their colour schemes, and practised with a wide range of media. Their discoveries were noted on the actual drawings or in their DWBs. A huge amount of learning has been demonstrated I just wish I had their classes on film as it would be great to watch and reflect upon. I am really excited about their progress and am looking forward to seeing their work on display.

My grade 9 class has been going through very similar stages. They practised drawing shells and then created 5 shells using a variety of drawing media. We looked at compositional techniques and created concepts for their shell still life. At home the students studied the history and techniques of the media they were using in class.

Do you know what pencils are made of? Why are they in the wood casing? How could you make a piece of charcoal? What pastel techniques did Renoir use?

Their final results are on display in an earlier post. Now they are creating concepts for a mask which incorporates a painting from Western art history.

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