Grade 6 Portraits

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I am REALLY busy setting up my two exhibitions at the moment so wont be writing much about these works but thought I should share briefly what has been happening in the art room.

Grade 6 have just completed their Expressionist portraits which had to communicate a mood and be painted in the style of an artist which inspired them. See if you can guess the mood and the artist.

When they finished that task they were asked to create a crazy hair portrait in their choice of materials. They had to apply the rules to the face but use their creativity with everything else. Lastly, some students tried drawing faces using Art Rage on the ipads which was a lot of fun. I would love to incorporate more work on ipads in the class but we only have 14 ipads for the whole school at the moment. 🙂

I am really happy with all the work the students have produced so far. Well done grade 6. Make sure you come to the exhibit on Thursday to show your parents your gorgeous work, any time from 4.00-8.30pm.

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