The Grade 9/10 Classes Shared Their Learning


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This was the first time I have ever given up a whole block for the students to talk about their work. It was definitely a worthwhile experience. I was really impressed with the questioning. “Are you happy with your composition?”, “What did you learn?”, “What would you do differently?”…..brilliant!

I am seriously so proud of my students as this is the first time many have painted on a canvas and it was definitely their first “landscape” painting. Many didn’t even know what landscape was when we began the course. Every student has produced something they can be really proud of. The few that struggled I am confident that they could now repaint over their canvas and produce an amazing piece based on everything they have learned.

Well done 9/10!

Now it is time for some Pop Art Printing. By the way if anyone is interested this is the outline of the landscape course: Grade 9:10 Landscape Painting

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  1. The paintings are all beautiful- what a great opportunity to paint on canvas. It’s nice to see another international Art teacher- I used to teach in Lesotho.

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