Grade 8 Mandalas

Drawing a personal mandala can help a person understand his or her unconscious thoughts and priorities. For example, whatever is at the center of the mandala is thought to be the most important in one’s spiritual life, while things further from the center are increasingly less important. Interpreting the colors and symbols one chooses to incorporate is similar to dream interpretation or other theories of unconscious symbolism.


Grade 8 has been studying the uses of mandalas from a variety of cultures. They have gained a thorough understanding of their design, purpose, methods and materials. Now they are in the process of designing their own version of a mandala based on the theme of nature. This week the students created a movie showing mandalas from three cultures and linked them to their own work. We viewed those movies with popcorn and assessed each other, it was a very successful task.

Grade 8 Mandala course overview– this is an overview of the course.

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