What Have We Been Creating This Week?

Currently Grade 6 has been learning how to design, carve and print their Adinkra symbols. Next week they will be designing posters to incorporate their designs. The purpose of the poster is to educate the school community, through the use of proverbs important values for LCS.

Grade 7 has been studying the work of Vik Muniz. They watched an amazing documentary (called Wasteland) where Muniz produced some of his most inspirational pieces using trash. The students then studied environmental issues such as land, water, air and noise pollution. They also had a field trip to Trashy bags to see how others are helping the environment.

At the moment they are creating giant pieces of beautiful artwork which will incorporate trash yet still communicate an environmental issue related to land/water pollution. I am really looking forward to seeing their results.

Grade 8 has nearly finished the shoe unit. The backgrounds have been painted now the everything needs to be attached, displayed and evaluated. Their next unit will be Mandalas.

My two 9/10 classes are learning about landscape painting. This has been a HUGE learning curve for them. A good understanding of composition, movement, scale, space, texture, and colour mixing has been gained. Now their challenge is to enhance their tones to give their paintings life. A landscape painting should be capturing the atmosphere or light of a setting. Next week the students will be working on stretched canvas.

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