We made the delivery today.

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It was a huge success today at Beacon House Orphanage. There were some small confusions about names but other than that all went well. The kids loved their portraits. Even though they were a bit shy because they are not used to receiving gifts.

You can see in some of the end photos them all reading the letters on the backs of the portraits. They even created a thank you poster. Well done grade 8 I am very proud of you!

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3 Responses to We made the delivery today.

  1. Ben Schumaker says:

    Such wonderful images! Congratulations to all!! Way to go Grade 8!!

  2. Mr Smith says:

    hey Grade 8 – well done, this was a really good project. It’s not easy to draw portraits so it was, I’m sure, challenging. I appreciate your efforts and I’m sure the kids at Beacon House do as well. Mr Smith

  3. adimchi enendu says:

    i love the pictures there are great.

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