Grade 7 Go to Trashy Bags

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Grade 7 had a brilliant trip last Friday to Trashy bags. They had two weeks to create a template for a new product which Trashy Bags could make and sell in their store. We had many wonderful ideas from Picnic sets, binder covers, to iphone covers and shower curtains. Each student had to present their ideas to the design team and manager of the store. Now the factory workers are busy making our products. Art and design really can help the community!

2 thoughts on “Grade 7 Go to Trashy Bags

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  1. Love to see some of the products they designed. I remember watching a doco on CNN about an org called Funky Junk that is in the World Challenge – link is here – they have had great success with recycling plastic bags. Their floor cushions are being taken up by libraries and also by hotels for poolside furniture! Such ingenuity for what is a huge environmental problem.
    Love your site Bec – and I visit regularly!

  2. Thanks so much for that comment. I looked at the website, that is another inspiring program. So many out there. I will show it to my next class of grade 7s. Cushions are a brilliant idea too. I am looking forward to seeing Trashy Bag’s results too.

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