Exciting news… I am finally getting to link ART to community service.

As of Tuesday I will be starting a new project called “The Memory Project” inspired by Ben Schumaker. http://www.memoryproject.org/about.php 

What is the Memory Project?

The Memory Project is a unique initiative in which art students create portraits (drawings, paintings, digital art) for children and teens around the world who have been orphaned, neglected, or disadvantaged.

To do this, the artists receive photos of kids waiting for portraits and then work from those photos to create the portraits.

We will then personally deliver the portraits as a gift to the children at Beacon House Orphanage, Accra, Ghana.

The goal of the project is to inspire caring, global friendship, and a positive sense of self.

In future clubs we will work with orphanages throughout Ghana.

For more information please look at the following You Tube links;

http://youtu.be/q39jJ98nvc8 this shows the delivery of the portraits.

http://youtu.be/KOejewZEicc this is a great introduction to the program.

2 thoughts on “Exciting news… I am finally getting to link ART to community service.

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  1. Beautiful, Rebecca! You do amazing things with students and art and I’m not surprised to see this added. I look forward to hearing more about how your progress goes, and seeing some of the artwork. 🙂 Michelle

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