Friday Ceremony for the ART Competition

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On Friday myself and 5 students: Roosa (G5), Eve (G5), Siew Png (G5), Christian(G4) and Bliss(G4/5) plus Thomas from the journalism class went to the awards for the “Children’s Animation ART Competition”.  This turned out to be a HUGE event with film crew, mayors, film producers and other very important people. Our students seemed to get the most attention because they were the only “international” students there.

The event began with an incredible performance, speeches and was followed with the presentation of the awards to: silver, gold, the art teacher and the “super” prize winners.

Roosa was interviewed by the most popular TV station in Hangzhou! She also had to speak on stage and was filmed by another crew. So Roosa is now very famous in Hangzhou 🙂 WELL DONE.

There were stalls, games, books, post cards to send to the government, framed artwork to be viewed among many other things. This was one of the biggest art events I have ever seen.  I am particularly proud of my students because they only had one week (60 mins) to produce their work where as we noticed that the other enteries were dated back in Nov and Dec 2010 so they had months to work on their pieces and it certainly showed. The level of art was incredible.

The book will be on display in the front office, please have a look at it. All 39 winners will be listed in the book.

Well done once again students of HIS.

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